RAP WORLD ROCKED Lil’ Fizz video spill – Inside wild universe of rap s*x tape leaks as Nelly and Soulja Boy’s snaps end up on the web

RAP WORLD ROCKED Lil' Fizz video spill - Inside wild universe of rap s*x tape leaks as Nelly and Soulja Boy's snaps end up on the web

jurnalwindows.com – RAP fans were shocked this week after a x-evaluated video of Lil’ Fizz was supposedly released online from his OnlyFans account.Fans of the 36-year-old TV and music star took to social media as it was asserted that NSFW film was being shared.

It came just a day after Nelly apologized for incidentally sharing a tasteless video on his Instagram page.

What’s more weeks after rapper Soulja Boy started to trend on Twitter when his naked pictures were also purportedly spilled from OnlyFans.

Twitter users asserted on Wednesday that they had seen B2K star Lil’ Fizz’s sexually explicit video on the web.Rap fans were at that point reeling after Nelly’s shock statement of regret.

“Lil bubble and Nelly been catching hell the entire day,” one Twitter user composed.

“Wait… Who got Lil Fizz nudes? I’ve been biting the dust to see such a long time,” another kidded.

Some users were despondent with regards to the string of leaks.

“My face when all celebrity d**ks started flying across the web,” one composed.

“You all and these spilled videos,” another user whined.

Lil’ Fizz has not yet acknowledged the rumors about the video


On Tuesday Nelly immediately erased a video on his Instagram record of an obscure lady giving him oral s*x.

Nelly’s face does not show up in the 54-second video.

While the Instagram Story was erased, it was still gotten by fans who shared it on Twitter, and they had a lot of reactions to it.

“Not on black history improve,” one fan composed.

Nelly, genuine name Cornell Iral Haynes Jr, immediately apologized.

He told TMZ: “I sincerely apologize to the young woman and her family, this is undesirable publicity for her/them.

“This was an old video that was private and never intended to open up to the world.”

The star’s reps had before said they were investigating a likely break of his record.

The Texas local’s shocking and head-turning video comes a short time after he tore Madonna for wearing a noteworthy outfit in various photos.

He said on the web: “Some things should just be left concealed.”


Last month, Soulja Boy’s OnlyFans nudes were allegedy spilled ahead of the release of the rapper’s docuseries “The Life of Draco.”

The 31-year-old shared a connection to his OnlyFans account through his Twitter page in January but the spilled nudes seemed to have been shared within minutes.

The rapper seemed to keep it in his stride as he tweeted shortly a while later, “Biggest lesson: Don’t at any point figure it can’t occur to you.

“Get straight to the point on individuals who deserve your silence,” he added.

He also retweeted several users who had seen the nudes prior to kidding: “Great morning bae, wyd.”

“Great morning to @souljaboy and @souljaboy just,” one of the retweets read.

“Came to see the reason why @souljaboy was trending!! Also GOT DAMN. I been a Soulja Gurl!!” another additional.

The Crank That star has sold his pictures on OnlyFans for $25 per month since February 2021.

The Chicago-conceived rapper, whose genuine name is DeAndre Cortez Way, also encourages fans to tip for extra.

“Tip me to for a private message convo with the boxers off,” he wrote in one post.

RAP WORLD ROCKED Lil’ Fizz video spill – Inside wild universe of rap s*x tape leaks as Nelly and Soulja Boy’s snaps end up on the web

It is not satisfactory how the other pictures were apparently spilled to other social media sites and if a subscriber to his record was responsible

Before the end of last year, Chance the Rapper also coincidentally exposed himself on Facebook in shocking film.

The star posted a video of himself peeing.

The camera panned from the latrine to the wall where a bug should have been visible on a ledge.

Within minutes, the Facebook post was erased and no remark was made by Chance.

The star kept on posting on social media and didn’t address the slip-up.

Celebrities such as Kim K, Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson have been tormented by X-evaluated leaks.

Sex tapes starring LA socialite Kim Kardashian became headlines in 2007.

Baca juga

The graceless film was given a major release by pornography organization Vivid Entertainment as Kim Kardashian, Superstar, a 41-minute film.

Kim went to court attempting to stop the distribution and eventually settled with Vivid.

She was going through a separation when she recorded the tapes with then-boyfriend Ray J in 2002.

Later reports guaranteed Ray J had another sex tape including Kim and her ex – but she vehemently denied it.

Her lawyer Marty Singer told TMZ: “The case that there is an unreleased sex tape is unequivocally false.

“It is appalling that individuals offer these expressions to attempt to get their 15 minutes of popularity.”

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